A New Season Resolution

12 April

We are officially a third through the year and can I start by saying its literally flown by and thats a scary thought as I feel like I haven’t done or achieved as much and you can probably tell as I haven’t posted as much which sucks. So I’m going to give myself a ‘New Season resolution’ and spend the majority of the year ticking of things from a new bucket list and I’m going to share with you below five of my main things I want to achieve. If you want to add to my bucket list or give me fun things to try and complete then please leave them in the comments below as I feel like I’m not very adventurous and I’m defiantly not good and trying new things and I will make a blog post with a new and improved bucket list.

       1) Do Some Outfit Photo-Shoots to Create Seasonal Lookbooks
I really enjoy looking at other people’s outfits for inspiration especially now I live in London, there’s always someone who has a quirky style that I’m dying to try. So for every new season I’m going to take my fashion knowledge and inspiration and come up with my own little style ideas and produce a mini look book.

      2)  Visit Two More Cities
This year I have already visited Paris, however I now have the travel bug and want to travel two more new cities, I’m not sure what ones I want to go to yet but I’m going to be spontaneous and just book them randomly. I will probably do one in the summer and one in the winter just to break the year up and it will give me something to look forward to in the colder months.

      3)   Start Making Clothing
My passion in life is making clothing so lately I’ve been watching some DIY videos lately of people who transform thrift shop clothing into new exciting clothing which is what I want to do as its quick and easy plus a lot of fun. Also I feel this is a great way to create beautiful clothes as well as save a lot of money.

      4)   Be More Active in Myself
As you can tell I haven’t been very active for myself or on social media and that’s because I’ve been lazy and doubtful. When it comes to doing something I enjoy I start of on a high then slowly give up and self-doubt starts to kick in, and I know its not just me that does this, I feel a lot of people tend to give up on things and believe me its not worth it when it gets tough just keep going and you will feel so much better. Also don’t stop doing things you love because other people don’t like it! Its your choice not theirs.

      5)  Love Myself and Others
   I want to be able to love myself without all the self-doubt and lack of confidence and this blog was the first step in my goal for happiness. Over the years a lot of people have knocked me back and now I’ve finally overcome it and started to mold myself into the person I want to be and aim to be. I find comfort in seeing other people happy or making them happy and this is what everyone should feel, no one should feel any less then someone else because we are all the same and all in the same boat. So love yourself for who you are not who other people want you to be.

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