Perfectly Packed Essentials

06 February

Today was my first full day in Paris and me being me I forgot to upload my blog post yesterday before I left so I'm going to do it now. For this post I have decided to do a travel essential post, which I will talk about items I find best to take with me whilst travelling. 

First off imagine arriving at your destination to find that you've arrived without your camera and there's no memory on your phone and that your still feeling sick from your journey but you've packed no painkillers... what's a girl suppose to do? So now every time I go travelling I  ensure I have my mini checklist and that I manage to pack every essential I need because I certainly don't want to be in a position where I can't capture my favourite holiday memories or make myself feel better because I forgot medicine. So below I have listed the essentials I have taken to paris.

1) Herbal Essence, Hello Hydration duo
How can you feel good about yourself if your hair is lacking shine and hydration, so I always make sure I pack a good hair duo and because lately my hairs been so dry I wanted one that would add instant moisture.

2) Make up Brushes - Real Techniques eye kit 
If it's one thing I really enjoy in the morning, its doing my eye makeup because there's so many different shades you can experiment with and so much you can do so I make sure I pack a combination of Brushes and palettes so I can experiment as much as I can whilst away.

3) Cleansing Wipes - Nivea 3 in 1
After a long day of being a tourist and being on your feet you just want to get back to your hotel room and take your makeup off and I know that the best feeling is getting home, taking off your bra and makeup and getting into lounge wear. So the quickest way I can get my makeup off is by using these cleansing Wipes,  they are so good for taking off waterproof makeup plus the wipe itself is so soft on the skin.

4) Scent - Lush Snow fairy perfume 
I want to walk around smelling good so I always ensure I pack a sweet smelling scent in a travel size bottle so that I can take it around whilst exploring. I think the snow fairy perfume is such a beautiful scent, it's so sweet and it lasts a long time whilst on,  for best results put it on your skin as this allows the aroma to lift according to your body temperature.

5) Hand Cream - Soap and glory Hand Food 
I hate the feeling of having cracked hands, I like them feeling soft and smooth and I find whilst on holiday they are always exposed to the air and I'm always trying to get pictures which results in really dry hands. So for a silky touch always keep a hand cream in your bag.

5) Eye Mask 
I cannot stand bright lights or curtains that allow the early morning light to come through so I always need an eye ask to keep it dark so that I can sleep well. I also find that they come in handy whilst travelling to your destination especially when you travel early in the morning or in the evening because the last thing you want is feeling aggy on your first day.

6) Camera - Instax mini 8 with extra film 
I know everyone has camera on their phones but it feels more generic when you have an additional camera.  I got this camera for Christmas and I really like the Polaroid photos so I thought I could take beautiful photos whilst in Paris and then hang them off my fairy lights. This is a worthy purchase and I defiantly recommend you try it out.

7) Hand Gel - Primark 
Everytime I go away I always need a hand gel as I rely on public travel to get around to sight see and shop and just think how many people all touch the same rail... disgusting right.  Normally my favourite hand gels are the ones that smell sweet or fruity however I couldn't find one so I took my Primark one instead.

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