London Fashion Week - Hussein Chalayan

20 February

Being a fashion student in London comes with a few perks and one of those perks happened to get me backstage at London Fashion Week (I worked as a dresser for Hussein Chalayans show). For me this is a pretty big deal as I learnt how it all worked backstage at one of world most demanded fashion events plus I got to see and work with the garments before they went on the catwalk. Let me say it takes a lot to try plan a fashion show and so being there put it into perspective for my future fashion shows.

The show started at 9am so we had to be at the venue (Sadler’s Wells Theatre) for 7am, but I presume the models and Chalayans team were there a lot earlier for hair and makeup and preparing the runway. We waited quite a while as they were running behind, but who could blame them as they did change their show from Paris to London within 4 weeks from the date of the show. Once they were ready, me and the other dressers got taken backstage to see the space we were working with and trust me there was hardly any space at all, we then got assigned to our models and their outfits – they get two outfits for the show. I got one of the most complicated outfits but lucky for me my model was already in her first outfit plus I got to work with one of Hussein Chalayans team which meant I got to ask her questions whilst waiting in between change overs and build my knowledge. Once the rest of the models were dressed in their first outfits they got ready for the lineup. This is the important part as there’s no room for mistakes or loose pieces of thread on the garments so we had to lint role the models, plus as well as us there were hair and makeup working on the models whilst we were making sure the garments were sitting right on the models bodies, could you imagine if the garments weren’t on properly? That could be disastrous.

Before I knew it the models were back in like 30 seconds flat which meant I had a good solid minute to get my model dressed into her next and final garment, the outfit comprised of a button up shirt and a pair of trousers. This might not sound too bad but once the first garment comes off you have hair dressers there trying to redo the hair,  that makes my job at lot harder as I have hardly no space and no room for mistakes. Plus, you have to take the tights off and put on socks and redo the shoes. Once the models were in their garments they prepared for the final walk of the show. This was a great feeling knowing that you prepared the models for a successful show, however that meant my experience was nearly over.  The finale consisted of the garments having huge paper pockets over the front of their garments, they had to pull off the paper to expose a mixture of glitter and metallic shreds that would then hang from their garments to produce a beautiful display of shimmery colour. Chalayan is known to create spectacular jaw dropping designs and I think his finale exceeded all expectations.

After the show was finished I had to take the clothes from the model and make sure there were no flaws to the garments, I gave the garments a once over with the lint roller and placed it back in the garment bag ready for consumers. The most important part of this day was getting a personal thank you from Hussein Chalayan, it was nice to see him so happy and why would he be? The show was a success and this goes to prove without a team there would be no show. Opportunities like these might not seem big but once you get one opportunity this opens doors to many more and the more experience you have the further you will get.

See The Full Collection Here and Chalayans store.

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  1. Ahhh being a fashion student in London sounds amazing, I am so envious haha! This sounds such an amazing experience, can't wait to read more from your blog :D xx

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