How to Pick The Perfect University

15 February

As most people know its that time of year where people are still deciding and getting offers for higher education, however how do you know the university you’ve picked it right for you?
When it comes to picking a suitable university there’s a lot of factors you need to consider such as: whether it caters for your needs, has the facilities you want or even if it does a work placement? Its all a matter of priority in which factors think are the most important as you’re the one who has to pay for the degree and then spend three years working towards it. So how do you choose the right university…

1) Do Your Research
The more research you manage to do the better understanding you will get of the university. Try to think of things like student accommodation, university facilities, what’s the library like? As you will probably end up spending most of your time there.  All these factors act as a base foundation for building up your knowledge.

2) What Does the University Offer?
When looking at universities don’t just go there because they do your course or because your friends or family want you to go, you need to dig deeper into it at the end of the day its your future no one else’s. Think about the alumni - the better the alumni the better the course. That’s how I see it for example if the university has a well known and highly appreciated alumni then that means more people will be inspired to work as hard to be in the same position. Also do they offer work experience, it’s a tough world and there are so many people competing for the same thing, so the more experience you get the better you will look. Additionally, look for facilities, when going to a university think about what you want from it and what you want to do, if the university don’t accommodate for you then why you considering it? 

3) Visit the University
The key to finding the perfect university is looking at it in person, pictures may make it look good but when were the pictures taken? 2 years ago? Or 5 years ago? A lot can happen over time. Additionally, angles make pictures look different, think when you take a picture of yourself you try to find the best angle to make yourself look better, this is exactly what universities do. The best thing to do is to book open days’ loads and loads of open days this is the best way to get the best insight on what the campus is like, what the vibe is like and if the students enjoy it. When you arrive you will either be intrigued or you wont feel good about it, first impressions are important because if you don’t like it straight away its going to take ages to open up to the idea of attending it.

4) Questions, Questions and more questions
To me finding out everything you want to know is important because not asking that one question can be a crucial factor for your future. Make sure you write down all the questions you want to ask as this will help you on open days. Dont be scared to ask and people who don’t ask don’t find out.  Make sure to write questions not only for the lecturers but for students and other people in the same position as you because getting a broader answer will help you dramatically. For example, if you ask people in the same boat as you, you might learn new things or new questions you want to find out, if you talk to present students they will be straight forward and tell you what the course is like and if they enjoy it. Additionally, ask about student life, what’s the area like and is it good for socializing? After all you find your lifelong friends at uni.  

5) Funding
The best thing about universities is getting student loans, however there are other funding and scholarships that universities offer which you don’t have to pay back because who doesnt want extra money? Make sure you ask about these on open days and follow up about them as believe me they help. Also never think you’re not good enough to apply for a scholarship or additional funding as what’s the worse that could happen, they say no but they could also say yes, it’s a bit of a 50/50 but there’s no harm in trying.

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