February Happenings

24 January

As the year begins to move on I’ve got a few things lined up for next month that I’m extremely excited about. I’ve never really planned many things they just kind of happen as I go through the year, however this year I’ve started planning pieces bit by bit. So my plan is to make this year as fun as possible with no regrets and no looking back.
The first thing lined up for next month is a haircut, I'm getting bored of having the same old long hair and having to have my hair in the same old hairstyle so I had it cut in December up to my chest but with my hair being how it is it grew back really quick and is getting long again so this time I’m going to go shorter and see how that pans out, I’m rather nervous as I’ve never really had short hair but I want to try something different so for my inspiration i sourced the picture to the left from Pintrest and I'm going to base my hair around that.

The next thing I’ve planned is a mid-week trip to paris, however it is with the university but they have given us their full permission that we can go explore the ‘city of love’ as we please but as long as we complete coursework as we go. My main stops off is going to be the arch de triumph as from past experience I know that there is a lot of shops to shop from including Sephora (which I’ve never been too before as we don’t have one in the UK). There are a few things I want to try out that I’ve seen other bloggers and youtubers use so whilst in paris I will do a mini shopping trip and do a haul post once I’m back. Additionally we get to attend premiere vision Paris which is a global event for fashion professionals that can showcase anything from their fabrics to different trends which I feel can help and contribute to my future career.

Finally, I’m hitting London Fashion Weekend Festival, each year I’ve always had something that’s stopped me from going but this year I have managed to get tickets knowing that I have nothing to stop me from attending. If you don’t know what the London fashion weekend festival is, it was formally known as London Fashion Weekend, this bi-annual festival follows London Fashion Week every February and September. This festival allows anyone to access fashion and trends which means we can all get a taste of LFW, as well as being able to attend designer and trend catwalk shows and designer talks, plus get a designer tote bag full of goodies.

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