10 things I learnt in 2016:

17 January

 1) Don’t be a half assed friend or put up with half assed friends
Last year I got told by someone that I didn’t put any effort into my friendship and if you truly know me I will move mountains for my friends just to see them happy. It was this point in life where I asked myself, do I really need people in my life that aren’t going to be there when I need them and are going to be selfish when it comes to a friendship? No I dont and neither do you. Getting rid of negative people means no more pressure, no more having to live up to their standards or doing things to impress them. Find yourself a group of friends that you can go weeks without talking to (as we are all living our own lives) but as soon as you do talk to them its as if you saw them yesterday.

2) People change
Whether that be a good or bad thing but you need to know not everyone is going to stay them same. Just be thankful that people come into your life and that you are able to learn from them.

3) You have to put in to get out
Nothing will come easy to you, you need to learn that you need to put into the cycle to get out of the cycle. Don’t give yourself excuses always thrive for what you want.

4) The storm will pass… eventually
Not everything negative is a bad thing, most mistakes we learn from and they help us develop into an even better person. I was very negative at the beginning of the year and I have slowly learnt that there are more things in life to be happy about.

5) It’s the little things
Most people are so consumed by money and technology that we don’t realize the littlest things people do for us, so this year focus more on doing things that don’t cost a lot but can still make you happy and appreciate everything people do for you.

6) A primer is a life saver
I only started using a primer for my eyeshadow last year and I can happily say it has saved me from looking like a panda. I think of a primer as PVA but for eyes, it keeps my eyeshadow on all day without the horrible crease drama.

7) Be confident
If last year taught me anything its to carry confidence everywhere I go. I love to express myself and meet new people and the best way to do this is to be confident and don’t hold back.

8) Don’t hold back
If you ever want to do anything don’t hold yourself back and don’t let anybody tell you no. Your never going to get to where you want to be unless you don’t push yourself.

9) Be good to your skin
When the weather changes so does our skin, we need to be kind and love what we have. If you wear makeup make sure you take it off every night as your skin needs to breathe and using a good skin régime will boost your glow making you feel better in yourself.

10) Its okay to say no
Many times I have often given into pressure whether it’s going out to meet friends or taking on more work than you can handle just to be a people pleaser, the best moments in life are when you can say no for yourself. Save yourself the added stress you will feel 100% better.

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